The first things in: Onions

So the first plants to have the honor of going in the new veggie garden are onions. I bought onion starts (a long-day onion sampler of Walla Walla, Ringmaster and Mars onions) from Dixondale Farms and planted them Saturday, April 25. Then I planted them again on Sunday, after we had almost two inches of rain on Saturday and the soil settled a whole bunch and then wasn't level enough so water started pooling around the onions. So I pulled them out on Sunday, added some more compost, leveled things better and stuck them in again. I still have tons of starts left, but don't really have enough room in my garden to accomodate them.
Then yesterday (April 27) I planted the evergreen bunching onion seeds I bought from Jung's. I did two rows and I'll plant a couple more in a couple weeks to extend the harvest.

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